It’s true. MultiTouch makes it easy to increase positive reviews
or manage negative reviews on the sites that matter most.


Reputation Management

Review Automation & CRM Direct Connection
Positive & Negative Landing Pages
All Major Review Site Monitoring

Reduce Negative Feedback

Receive alerts when customers rate you low
to head off negative online reviews impact
& reverse the clients experience

Review Generation

Automated process to promote
happy customers to create positive online reviews. It is incredible easy!

Increase Sales

Ratings drive sales
Better online ratings Increase your Sales
Your leads are checking your reviews

Simple Process

Increase your WebReviews today starting at only $50 per month.


Net Promoter Score

Capture & Track  your NPS.   Use this score to monitor trends in your customers experience

Customer Testimonials

Capture powerful testimonials from your customers that you can use in your marketing.

Review Site Monitoring

Monitor online review sites, ie Google, Facebook, Yelp… & alert you to review activity

Testimonial Widget & Kiosk

Show selected positive reviews on your website & Capture retail reviews In-Store!


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