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Variable Data Printing

Sending the same direct mail piece to 100 customers is good marketing; sending customized mail pieces to these customers is even better, as it creates a personal appeal that is certain to make a more positive impression. That’s the difference variable printing provides.

Core provides variable printing, as well as other digital printing services, individually or as part of a broader marketing strategy that may include additional personalized marketing outreach through email, as well as data collection to create a mailing list based on locality or whatever factors are most significant to your company.

Whatever information you have – or can acquire – about your customers and prospects can be optimized from a marketing perspective with variable printing.

Use this strategy for:

  • Cross-selling/Up-selling
  • Introducing new products or services
  • Reaching out to customers that haven’t been back in awhile
  • Reminders about warranty expiration
  • Special offers and promotions

When you send a personalized direct mailer, postcard or letter, the recipient is bound to pay more attention. That one-to-one relationship makes them feel better about supporting your business, and can help to maintain their loyalty for years to come.

With Core’s advanced variable printing capabilities, documents can be produced quickly and efficiently, on your schedule and within your budget. Talk to a Core representative today about how to created personalized printed marketing materials that generate leads and boost sales.

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