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Batter Up: Banners are a Grand Slam for Ballpark Advertising, and More!

baseball banner

Hit a home run with your advertising efforts using banners from Core Integrated Marketing. As we celebrate America’s favorite pastime, it’s the perfect time to explore the versatility and effectiveness of banners. Whether you’re promoting your brand at the ballpark or looking for large scale indoor or outdoor signage solutions, banners offer a winning combination of durability, visibility, and aesthetic appeal.

Mesh and vinyl banners are two MVP options that can help you capture the attention of the crowd. Here are some details that can help you decide which one is the right fit for your ballpark or outdoor advertising needs:


Mesh: Made from a perforated material that allows for better airflow and light transmission. The breathable design ensures that your banners can withstand the outdoor elements while still making an impact.

Vinyl: Crafted from a durable and flexible material. They provide a solid canvas for vibrant and eye-catching graphics that can be seen from a distance.


Mesh: The perforated design of mesh banners allows for excellent visibility, even from a distance. The tiny holes in the material create a unique mesh-like effect that adds an extra level to your banners, making them stand out.

Vinyl: With their solid surface, vinyl banners deliver high visibility and sharp graphics. Whether you’re showcasing team logos, promotional messages, or sponsor advertisements, vinyl banners ensure that your branding is clear and impactful.


Mesh: Designed to be wind-resistant. The perforated material allows air to pass through, minimizing the risk of your banners flapping or getting damaged during breezy game days.

Vinyl: While vinyl banners may not have the same level of wind resistance as mesh banners, they are still suitable for most ballpark environments. Ensure proper installation and consider using wind slits to allow air to pass through and reduce wind stress.


Mesh: Built to last. The tear-resistant material and reinforced edges make them durable enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, including rain, sunlight, and rowdy fans.

Vinyl: Designed to be long-lasting. They are waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring that your banners stay vibrant and eye-catching even under the scorching sun or a sudden rain shower.


Mesh: An ideal choice for areas with higher wind conditions. They are commonly used for outfield signage, stadium fences, and construction site wraps. The perforated design adds a unique aesthetic while maintaining the necessary durability.

Vinyl: Versatile and can be utilized all over – from concourse displays to concession stands – and offer a vibrant way to showcase logos, promote upcoming games and events, and highlight sponsors.

Choosing between mesh and vinyl banners for your advertising ultimately depends on the specific needs and conditions of your venue. Consider factors such as wind exposure, desired visibility, and the overall theme you want to create. Let Core’s team of experts help you select the right banner material and design that will leave a lasting impression and make your advertising efforts a grand slam success.

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