Automate & Track.

Combine all of your digital systems into one powerful ERP marketing tool.

MultiTouch integrates all of your current tools, creating an all in one seamless solution. Our strategy provides your team the most efficient, cost effective and powerful system to communicate with your customers and close on more business. With a modern and elegant technical design, MultiTouch's family of apps work seamlessly together - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - centralized, online, and accessible from anywhere with any device. Don't let your software slow your business down.


Business, Simplified

More than just great software, MultiTouch Pro is a turnkey solution to deliver seamless customer experiences in-store and online.

Get More Leads

Get More Leads Direct Mail, Hyper Local Customer Referrals, Display Ad Retargeting, Home IP Targeting.

Increased Conversion Rate

Increased Conversion Rate Incredible Lead Management Processes & Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns.

Enhanced Operations

Automated Sales, Delivery and Invoicing Process, Turn Key Purchasing, Inventory & Billing.

360° Accounting

Drill Down Accounting, Online Bank Sync, Integrated Credit Card & POS Payments.


Marketing Automation Benefits You and Your Customers.

MultiTouch is a software solution that allows business owners to conveniently track all communications and cultivate connections with leads and clients. A CRM replaces the multiple spreadsheets, databases and apps that many organizations use to track client data. As a result, there is more organization, efficiency, better time management and satisfied clients.

MultiTouch integrates all of your sales leads and client data in one spot. Our CRM software organizes all communications (form fills, phone calls, emails, text messages and meetings), documents, quotes, transactions and activities related to each lead and client. Your entire staff has access to those details at the correct time––to close a transaction and provide exceptional service.

*Pricing is based on Annual prepayment. Additional pricing may apply.

Full In-Bound Marketing


/ User / Month

  • Up to 50,000 Total Contacts
  • Up to 25,000 Emails per Month
  • Sales & System Training+
  • Unlimited Email & Chat Support

Multitouch Pro ERP


/ User / Month

  • Full MT PRO ERP Features
  • Get Access to All Modules
  • Limited Customization
  • Unlimited Email & Chat Support


Don't settle for expensive, outdated systems.

Run MultiTouch Pro to modernize, simplify and improve your business processes today!

No Expensive Hardware

100% Cloud System, No onsite servers, special POS devices or custom IT Services

Incredible Features

Tons of included features, run your sales, service, inventory & accounting in one system!


Add new locations, employee’s and warehouses with ease. Scale up quickly.


Automate Your Marketing and Save Money

Never miss a new lead with automated lead capture. Collect and organize contacts automatically through MultiTouch CRM, Customer Lead Forms, Landing Pages, Social Media & Appointment Setting.


Frequently Asked

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Our Customers are the Key to Our Success!

Dave, Amy, Yolanda and the team have provided me with a top notch, flawless service that in turn provided my company with the opportunity to be visible, profession, authentic, and show the quality work we deliver on the reputation we are built on. Thank you and your team!!

Mike Camarena

Core Integrated Marketing is the best. I am the program manager for Homewood Science Center and use Core for the majority of our projects. My go-to guy, Dave Diamond, is honest and will help me navigate innovative solutions that meet our marketing needs. From large banners, to printed postcards, to our front door lettering, we have trusted Core with highly visible projects, and they always deliver. Core Integrated Marketing offers competitive pricing and impeccable customer service.

Holly Kelsven

The personnel were wonderful to work with. They were able to accommodate our requests without any lead time. The signs that they made for us were perfect. We have used Core for many years for our pamphlets and signs and have always been satisfied.

Joan Strohm