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Copying Services

Whether full-color or black and white, Core creates documents that combines quality with affordability. There are no minimum or maximum restrictions on our print runs, so you get the inventory you need without having to worry about leftover pieces or wasted resources.

From sales presentations and training manuals to annual reports, we have the capabilities to create your custom printed project, on-time and on-budget.


Printing and Publishing

Digital printing has revolutionized the book publishing industry. Many self-published titles have found an enthusiastic audience, and some have even made the best-seller lists.

Core has worked with a number of authors on not just digital printing of their books, but cover design and text layout, binding and even shipping orders. Variable printing technology makes last-minute manuscript changes easy, and you can print your books to order so you’ll only have to create and store the quantity you need. We can even personalize each copy.

Ask about Core’s online ordering process and marketing collateral to promote your title. We have an entire suite of services available to help authors and publishers achieve their literary goals.

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Legal Copying Solutions

At Core we recognize the specific copying/printing needs of the legal services industry, from document management to confidentiality.  We have earned the trust of a number of law firms through our discretion, professionalism, and the quality of our copying services.

In addition to the services listed above, Core can also copy appellant and respondent briefs, provide copying for discovery and litigation, and create graphics and exhibit displays in whatever size is required for courtroom display.

We also understand that last-minute orders are a regular occurrence, and in most cases we can turn around rush jobs on your schedule.

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